Black History Is All Our History

Join us for a night of readings and conversation entitled Black History Is All Our History on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 5 p.m. at the Bird in Hand Cafe and Book Store. The topic will be explored through poetry, music, prose, and performance pieces. Each presenter will share their perspective and artistic response to the interlacing of American history.

Participants include 4 ECPP members: Clifford Bernier, commenting on the evolution of the harmonica in blues and jazz; Zorina Exie Frey, a recent Pushcart Prize nominee for her poem “Pee Is for Prejudice; Kari Martindale, whose work explores the concepts of justice versus peace; and Patti Ross, who writes poems about the racially marginalized and society‚Äôs traumatization of the human spirit.

The Bird in Hand is located at 11 E 33rd St, Baltimore. For more info or to register for this event, click here.

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